Supply Chain Services – succes an added value thanks to data



WasteOPT: network optimization for waste management companies


Expertly drafted RFQs minimize transportation costs

Many businesses buy haulage services on the open market. However, it is difficult to obtain a clear picture of this market. There is a huge number of providers, offering diverse terms and conditions, and with frequent changes. In addition, as customers' purchase volumes aregenerally low, they are highly exposed to fluctuating prices. In response to these challenges, Fraunhofer SCS has developed professional, research-based RFQ management software.


Sound basis for siting decisions reduces investment risk


Planning logistics networks with LogNET Design

Is your logistics network still fit for purpose? Most networks have evolved over long periods and are effective, reliable and sound. But how well does yours meet your current needs, bearing in mind the changes in your industry, the structure of your customer base, and today’s typical goods flows? Over time, the performance of long-established networks fails to keep step with evolving requirements. This creates unnecessarily high costs and reduces efficiency, impacting quality of service.


Better customer intelligence

Prototyping – testing products or services with the help of customers – can be performed in virtually all industries. The main purpose is to discover what motivates end-users, what they really need and expect – wherever possible, on the basis of raw, unfiltered feedback relevant to real-world scenarios. The insight gained helps enterprises to develop or improve their offerings. This approach keeps costs down, saves time and trouble, and ensures high levels of customer satisfaction.


Industrial Services Excellence Circle

Are you interested in the issues surrounding industrial services? Would you like to learn about the experiences of other companies with corresponding offerings? If so, why not join the Industrial Services Excellence Circle? It is a forum for exchanging insights, discussing challenges, and developing solutions and strategies in collaboration with business representatives and researchers.


Valid data enables sound decision-making


Fraunhofer training program focuses on lean processes in logistics


Smart, efficient integration of machines and devices – anywhere


Analysis of target markets

Many businesses complain that their markets are saturated and that it is difficult to identify new customers, or develop services that align well with market trends and conditions Fraunhofer SCS offers enterprises the means of finding and unlocking hidden market potential – in accordance with their specific imperatives.


Analysis of logistics employment data aids regional policymaking


Knowing your region’s strengths is key to developing successful logistics parks


Market potential analysis

Ensure your innovation strategies will be effective – identify trends, evaluate markets, and realize sales potential.


How efficient is my warehouse?

Warehouse benchmarking by Fraunhofer SCS can answer that question – fast.


Increase sales from services through customer knowledge

Both an organisation’s knowledge of the customer, and the customer’s own knowledge, play a crucial role in servitization. Businesses need to be aware of this in order to turn that knowledge into a usable asset.


Digitization transforms business models

Digitization of value-creation processes and products offers new ways of meeting customer requirements or addressing entirely new segments. Enterprises need to respond to this trend by restructuring their business models. Fraunhofer SCS can help.