"Business models in the digital world” research group

Digitization of value-creation chains

Is your company successful? Do you have a strong market position and dominate your competition? Are your corporate processes established, efficient, and effective? And yet, even if that is the case, you would still like to know: What are the effects or hazards posed to your business model by increasing digitization? How can you use modern technologies to build on your success?

Our applied research on business models in the digital world means that we have comprehensive knowledge of the potential, the benefits, and the challenges of the digitization of value-creation chains – we will be happy to assist you!

Developing new business models

Digitization is a hot topic these days. The spread of digital technologies and the potential offered by their use are on the increase in all areas of our society. Some examples of digital trends include cloud and mobile computing, the Internet of Things, big data or virtual products. The use of digital technologies and the smart use of previously unavailable information and data are making new business models possible. This leads to shifts on the markets and redesign of value creation processes, meaning that classic business models have to make big changes. Companies have to ask themselves questions such as the following:

How does the current business model look and what chances for success exist for our organization?

How can the effectiveness of our own business model be increased by the use of digital technologies?

Which components of the business model must be adapted with an eye to the future, and which challenges need to be overcome?

How would a road map for the further development of our own business model look if it is to generate competitive advantages?

These are just some of the questions being tackled by the Fraunhofer research group that was founded in September 2014 under the management of Professor Dr. Alexander Pflaum. The new Fraunhofer team is, together with companies, working on suitable solutions to the companies’ business and technical issues with regard to digitization. It also carries out studies and investigations with industrial companies. The fundamental research, which is concerned with the development of business models in the digital world, rounds off the team’s activities. The research group is working on such matters as the development of a methodology to describe business models in a digital context and to measure a digitization index for the production economy

If you would like to understand what is behind digital trends, what the opportunities are for your company, and what added value digitization can offer your business model, please speak to us.

We will be happy to discuss with you how digital solutions can make your company more successful!

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Transformation of business models

The digitization of value creation processes and products means new ways of serving customers’ needs, or indeed addressing completely new customer segments.

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