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More transparency in the logistics market

This knowledge can be used to define new sales markets and target customers or to take trends and future developments in the corporate strategy into account. Fraunhofer SCS has probably the most comprehensive and continuously up-to-date knowledge collections and databases about the logistics market and associated service markets. We use our figures and information on logistic market volumes, logistics as a profession, and logistic property stocks, we can calculate, for example, the market for the product offered by logistic service providers and shippers and its potential, and derive future scenarios. We also support local logistics companies, investors, and economic regions with their location decisions and strategic commitments.

We know your market

Observing markets, detecting developments, and drawing the right conclusions: that is our everyday work. From a large amount of information, we filter the really important pieces and combine them using scientific methods to ensure that a well-grounded and neutral statement can be made. This enables us to find the right customers or hidden target groups for you, support you with investment decisions, work out new target markets with you, and advise you on the development of future services and products.

Our services at a glance


Target market analysis

A lot of companies complain about »satiated« markets and have difficulty identifying new customers or developing new services that fit in well with what’s currently going on on the market. Fraunhofer SCS offers you a way to uncover market potential – in a tailor-made manner in accordance with your requirements.


Location evaluation

Investors and project developers spend large amounts every year on constructing new logistics properties. It is crucial, however, to define the correct location to ensure that the investment will prove itself to have been worthwhile in the future. Only very few manage to do this, however – Fraunhofer SCS can supply a scientifically grounded basis for the correct location decision.


Logistics as a profession

Many regions and business development agencies see themselves faced with a skills shortage as well as increasing digitization. Combating these developments requires both a good overview of the available skilled persons and their qualifications, as well as knowledge of the requirements of industry. Fraunhofer SCS can make these employment figures transparent and usable thanks to its holistic surveying.


Location development

Business development agencies fight year after year to have new companies come to their area. But do they know the exact conditions of their location to allow them to advertise their logistics locations in a targeted manner? Fraunhofer SCS makes these strengths visible and helps to develop areas into successful logistics regions.

Studies and publications

Find out about our analyses, concepts, and solutions for current issues concerned with the supply chain. Are you interested in the thematic fields of our working group and its skills and experience? Then you will find what you’re looking for in our portfolio. Do you have any more questions? We will be happy to answer them.

Top 100 der Logistik

The reference work for the logistics sector has appeared each year since 1995. It is the most detailed study of the German and European logistics market.


The European general cargo market is multifaceted and has previously only been insufficiently covered. For this reason, it is time to take a closer look at this market with scientifically grounded analyses and evaluations.

More Groups

Business models

The increase in digitization has effects on every business model. We will be happy to guide you through the digital transformation of your business models.


Managing networks and interfaces is becoming more and more complex. We will optimize your networks based on our own planning software, mathematical models, and years of practical experience.


The development of services offers a lot of potential – if it is aligned to what customers require and if companies are able to organize themselves accordingly. We have the methods and the infrastructure for you to make the optimum impression.


Smart object technologies promise more efficient processes and new sales markets. We can support you in searching for the right technology, in developing technology-
based services and processes, and in implementing them in your company.


If you think strategically about logistics, you can allready ensure that structures and processes that are still secure a sustainable development in the future. We analyze your business processes, identify performance gaps and find the right levers.