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Planning and optimizing logistic networks smartly

Reducing costs and increasing performance – you can only actively shape supply chains, realize lean processes, and guarantee maximum service quality if you know your network and its interfaces to other areas well and organize them efficiently. Existing logistics networks have an optimization potential of up to 20%.

Optimum networks: Less complexity, lower costs, more service quality

Most logistics networks are organically grown structures, which means that they are often not up to date: the current network perhaps no longer matches the sector, the customer structure, or the goods flows. The most important aims of logisticians and network managers are therefore generally reducing the complexity of the network, lowering the costs thereof, and still at least maintaining – if not improving – the service quality. To achieve this, a wide range of factors must be considered when reorganizing networks and transport routes, and their influence on one another must be evaluated. This is because no decision can be taken alone and in a linear fashion, as the mutual dependencies of the individual factors are too great.

To allow intelligent resource planning and needs-led use of equipment, special network planning know-how is required. Fraunhofer SCS has been accumulating this know-how for years. We can optimize your transport and logistics networks based on our own planning software, mathematical models, and years of experience, to give you the network you need right now: robust, efficient, and cost-effective.

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Support with tendering in the waste disposal sector

System managers regularly make decisions about the medium-term awarding of processing services, the assignment of collection areas, or a short-term adjustment of the network operation to match the market situation. And the focus is always on cost optimization. To make these decisions, many different types of development of a very flexible market and its actors must be evaluated. The more sure and precise these market forecasts area, the higher the profit will be – or the lower the costs. This means that sensitive handling of volatile market conditions is a significant factor in a company’s success.


Tendering management and provider selection for transport

Many industrial and trading companies buy their transport services on the market themselves. They are, however, up against an opaque and unclear service provider market with many changing actors and conditions. In addition, due to their generally limited purchasing volume, they are very exposed to fluctuations in market prices.


Network design & location planning

Supply, production, distribution, and trade networks have their own peculiarities and, due to changes in customer structures and the requirements thereof, no longer have their finger on the pulse. Shippers and service providers must all face up to these challenges in equal measure. Fraunhofer SCS can support you in the optimization of your storage and transport structures.

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Business models

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The development of services offers a lot of potential – if it is aligned to what customers require and if companies are able to organize themselves accordingly. We have the methods and the infrastructure for you to make the optimum impression.


Smart object technologies promise more efficient processes and new sales markets. We can support you in searching for the right technology, in developing technology-
based services and processes, and in implementing them in your company.


If you think strategically about logistics, you can allready ensure that structures and processes that are still secure a sustainable development in the future. We analyze your business processes, identify performance gaps and find the right levers.


Knowing your market is essential to success. We will find you the right customers, support you with investment decisions, draw up new target markets with you, and analyze market trends and developments.