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A look at logistics processes

Company processes are always multi-layered, and their complexity increases along with the number of interfaces. We analyze, evaluate, and optimize logistical processes in and between companies using scientific methods. Our focus is on the consideration of processes in transport and storage for production companies, (contract) logisticians, wholesalers, and clinics.

One efficient way of gaining a lot of valid information quickly is to do a cross-company comparison of corporate processes and functions. To this end, we have spent years developing quantitative and qualitative methods and databases that are deployed in long-term task forces and benchmarking groups.

A flow of objects and information

We optimize logistical processes. But what does an ideal process look like? We view processes as flow systems in which objects and information can move efficiently and without disruption to create value. For process optimizations, we look at processes and visualize them, from a quick check to a detailed elaboration. Our analyses are based on quantitative data and figures that we obtain from companies through questionnaires, as well as from qualitative observations made on site. With a well-founded methodology and an outsider’s look, we view company processes and identify gaps in performance and the right levers to pull. To ensure that your information and objects flow efficiently within the company, we can develop target processes with you and derive specific recommended actions.

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Freight benchmarking for the chemicals industry

Almost half of the total costs that a shipping company, e.g. one in the chemicals industry, spends on logistic services goes on transporting the goods. In such cases, it is a good idea both to negotiate effectively with service providers and to have a look at what the competition is doing.


Warehouse benchmarking

Warehouse managers often ask themselves questions such as: How good is my warehouse? Do I have the right warehouse layout, storage area assignment, and warehouse technology? What would be the effect of changes in the material planning and order picking processes? The warehouse benchmarking carried out by Fraunhofer SCS can provide you with fast answers.

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Knowing your market is essential to success. We will find you the right customers, support you with investment decisions, draw up new target markets with you, and analyze market trends and developments.

Business models

The increase in digitization has effects on every business model. We will be happy to guide you through the digital transformation of your business models.


Managing networks and interfaces is becoming more and more complex. We will optimize your networks based on our own planning software, mathematical models, and years of practical experience.


The development of services offers a lot of potential – if it is aligned to what customers require and if companies are able to organize themselves accordingly. We have the methods and the infrastructure for you to make the optimum impression.


Smart object technologies promise more efficient processes and new sales markets. We can support you in searching for the right technology, in developing technology-
based services and processes, and in implementing them in your company.