Research meets markets

Business units

Based on the insights from our fields of research, we develop market-oriented services for specific sectors and client groups: from data-oriented advisory services such as market and technology analyses or organizational and business model development, to training and expert reports, as well as development solutions for forecasting procedures, IoT prototypes or system control of data spaces.

We currently operate the following business units: »Logistics, transport and mobility«, »Wholesale and B2B markets«, »Digital Production«, and »Digital transformation«:

Other topics of interest


Competence centers

Use our competence centers as your own infrastructure – e.g., coworking spaces for agile project development, the JOSEPHS® innovation lab for your service tests, or the L.I.N.K. Hall for IoT prototype testing.


Collaboration with the Center for Applied Research SCS

There are various ways to collaborate with us, and it’s often easier than you think: you can commission reports or consultancy services, attend our professional training courses, use our infrastructure for your tests, or work with us to explore your research questions in projects or joint labs. Contact us now to learn more about the Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services SCS.