Combining method and application

Successful digital transformation requires extensive methodological expertise that specifically caters to the demands of the application environment. This is the only way for companies to develop a future-oriented vision.

Accordingly, in our fields of research we combine our methodological expertise in economics, technology and mathematics with concrete application know-how, and continually develop both in research projects.

Fields of research at the Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services SCS

Our fields of research are where our vision takes shape, and where we expand our expertise and domain knowledge. We are currently working on:

Data spaces in production and logistics

Seemingly chaotic data can be brought under control – with the help of data spaces, in which the most diverse data from a wide range of sources are semantically described, processed and linked.

IoT applications in production and logistics

To enable full automation and customization, it is necessary to combine the right technologies and rapidly develop suitable prototypes.

Process analytics for production and logistics

Uncovering new cause and effect relationships to enable quick and effective decision-making in production and logistics processes.

Digitization in transport logistics and combined transport

Growing traffic volumes and resource scarcity call for fully networked transport solutions with intelligent coupling of internally and externally available data.

Supply chain analytics

Mathematics can revolutionize the supply chain – with models and algorithms that reduce complexity, and interconnected forecasting and optimization methods.

Markets and locations in logistics

A fully transparent logistics market can be achieved by applying cutting-edge analytics methods for automated knowledge exploitation.

Supply operations in rural areas

Digitization can give rural areas a future – provided its specific framework conditions are sufficiently taken into account.

Human-machine interaction

Every successful digital innovation puts humans center stage – and the more qualified, motivated and involved they are, the better. A person’s behavior is a key indicator in this regard.

Data-driven business models

In the future, successful business models will be built around data. This will require new tools to complement creative methods with a focus on data.

Data-based trend and scenario analysis

Ongoing identification of market and technology trends from a large volume of unstructured information – using filtering methods that allow individual analyses at the touch of a button.

Other topics of interest


Scientific expertise in the reference process

The methodological expertise developed in our fields of research is informed by our specially developed Reference Process for Digital Transformation. Read about what this initiative means to us, and how we can use our expertise to comprehensively support companies.


Business units

Based on the insights from our fields of research, we devise concrete advisory services for specific sectors and client groups. Find out more about our range of services in the business units »Logistics, Transport and Mobility«, »Wholesale and B2B Markets«, »Digital Production« and »Digital transformation«.


Focus projects

Find out more about our current focus projects in our fields of research.