Group Data Science

»Data Science« is defined as an interdisciplinary field of research that enables scientifically sound methods, processes, algorithms and systems for extracting insights and patterns from both structured and unstructured data. The goal is to generate information from large amounts of data and derive recommendations for action that enable a company to operate more efficiently. In logistics, transportation and supply chain management, the use of Data Science in the right places can clearly improve efficiency and competitiveness. Data science mostly uses machine learning methods for this purpose, and is located at the interface between mathematics, statistics and information technology.

Making the right decisions with forecasts

The group »Data Science« focuses on the development and application of methods for time series analysis, whereby more precise demand forecasts in intralogistics, volume forecasts in transport logistics, raw material price forecasts or conclusions from production parameters on product quality are calculated.

In addition to the forecast itself, the quantification of the forecast uncertainty is also important when it comes to making the right decision, because this tells us with what probability which event will occur.

The special feature of the group's research work is the combination of its own competencies with those of other groups, for example in combining the forecast results with mathematical optimization models for automated and optimal planning decisions.

Competences and methods


  • Feature Engineering/Selection
  • Time Series Forecasting
    • classical statistical models
    • Hierarchical Time Series Forecasting
    • Neural Networks
    • Bayesian Models
  • Classification (e.g. Tree-Based Models)
  • Quantification of forecast uncertainties
  • Clustering
  • Root-Cause-analysis (probabilistic models)
  • AI Ops architectures
  • Quantum Machine Learning

Specific domain knowledge

The group »Data Science« applies its methods and competencies in various domains. There is a particular focus on intralogistics, production logistics, transport logistics and commodity trading.

Research in application

The group »Data Science« addresses current research questions in the following research areas:


Field of research

Sustainability in the digitalized supply chain

Data can be used to design and control processes, organizations and systems in such an efficient, resource-saving and socially responsible way that many of the current challenges can be solved in line with the changed approach to sustainability.


Field of research

AI-based demand forecasts for logistics, trade and production

We bring AI-based demand forecasting to bear in logistics, retail, and manufacturing to improve predictions and quantify forecast uncertainties.