Supply Chain Services – success and added value thanks to data

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Industry 4.0 – into the future with networking

Thanks to digitization, we can attain more flexible and efficient working and production processes, new service ideas and products: Find out more about digitized value creation as the smart, comprehensive, and cross-company way to network people, objects, and machines.

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On a digital path to new business models

The deployment of digital technologies and the smart use of previously unavailable information and data offer companies a lot of new opportunities – if they are able to strategically align their own offering in good time and convert it into digitized business models.

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Servitization to make better offerings

Enabled by the possibilities of digitization and driven by global competition, more and more companies are developing from pure product manufacturers to suppliers of individual customer solutions. Read here more about the megatrend »servitization«

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Supply Chain Services

Combining the latest scientific research with field-proven engineering concepts generates innovative solutions for Logistics and Supply Chain Services. Fraunhofer Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services (SCS) has been achieving this synergetic link for customers from the industry, service and public institutions for over 14 years.

We make our knowledge public

Find out about our analyses, concepts, and solutions for current issues concerned with the supply chain in our varied range of studies.


SCS Special 2016 - Higher, faster, better

Collecting, analyzing, and optimizing – and then evaluating – data from processes is the core business of our center for applied research. That is why, for this issue of SCS Special, we have decided to pursue these questions with some of our partners from practice, while being well aware how complex, networked, and diverse the world of corporate data already is.

TOP 100 in European Transport and Logistics Services 2015/2016


The »TOP 100 in European Transport and Logistics Services«, the standard reference for the logistics industry, was first published in 1995. Since then, a wide range of developments have influenced and impacted the German and European logistics markets over the past two decades. The16th edition of the English version provides readers the most comprehensive and detailed analysis to date of the European logistics market and its segments.