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Organizational Chart Applied Research on Supply Chain Services
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Since 1995, the Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services SCS has been supporting companies throughout the entire process of the digital transformation: from the provision of structured data by means of appropriately designed data spaces and IoT solutions, to analysis and optimization of data for valid forecasts using analytics and AI, or strategic utilization of data for future-proof business models and organizations. The necessary expertise is reflected in the Center’s structure at the management, department, and group level – please refer to the organizational chart for more information.


Alexander Pflaum

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Prof. Dr. Alexander Pflaum

Head of SCS


Andreas Harth

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Harth

Head of department »Data Spaces and IoT Solutions«

Markus Weissenbäck

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Markus Weissenbäck

Acting Head of Analytics Department

Nadja Hoßbach-Zimmermann

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Dr. Nadja Hoßbach-Zimmermann

Head of department »Innovation and Transformation«

Roland Fischer

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Dr. Roland Fischer

Managing Director