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In the real estate market, logistics real estate is now seen as a category in itself. Nonetheless, this sector remains relatively untouched as far as market data analysis and the provision of impartial location-based information are concerned. Thanks to its comprehensive basis of logistics real estate data, the Fraunhofer Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services SCS provides greater transparency on the logistics real estate market in Germany. In addition to providing individual consultancy services, Fraunhofer SCS offers its customers access to the most up-to-date market and site data at any time via its interactive platform, which is available in German and English.

A platform for all stakeholders in the logistics real estate market

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Fraunhofer SCS has been analyzing developments in the field of logistics real estate for over ten years now. The market is booming and has a large number of stakeholders. After all, investors, project developers, users and municipal governments see siting, building and further developing logistics centers and buildings as a commercially and financially attractive proposition – provided that the conditions are right.

Fraunhofer SCS analyzes and evaluates these conditions in a scientifically grounded way and makes the results available to customers. Now, the results are available in digital form, too, thanks to »L.Immo online«: the platform provides the basis for investment decisions, site and real estate valuations. And it is accessible to all stakeholders – not only users, investors and project developers, but also real estate agents, consultants and municipal providers of space.

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Interactive map combines the attractiveness and intensity of logistics sites with their development potential

At the heart of our L.Immo platform is an interactive map with individual, selectable elements. The core elements are comprehensive indices on logistics attractiveness and intensity in Germany. A third index known as the potential index indicates the potential for future development within the region, e.g. with regard to the availability of workforce or land. Germany’s 23 logistics regions are also are examined in detail: besides showing their logistical strengths and weaknesses, the map includes diagrams and layers on existing infrastructure, specific siting structure, logistics hot spots, industry distribution as well as dynamism in building construction and rent levels in the local logistics market.

Tailored to your needs

Various access options allow you to use the platform in a way that best suits your needs: one option is the standard version (free of charge) that provides an overview of the German logistics regions on the interactive map and a brief description of the methodology. Also available are the regional version and the full version. The regional version contains all functions of the platform for a selected logistics region in Germany, whereas the full version provides full access to all German logistics regions.

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