Leveraging data to generate added value

For over two decades, the Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services SCS has been leveraging data to generate essential information and key figures for its customers: to this end, in addition to designing data spaces and IoT prototypes, the Center’s various departments are also devoted to developing cutting-edge data analytics methods and innovation tools that companies can use to execute a successful organizational and strategic digital transformation.

This special combination of economic methods, technological solutions, and mathematical procedures and models allows companies to reduce costs, boost sales, and strengthen their brand – regardless of their size or sector.

To achieve this, in keeping with its vision of »Success and added value thanks to data«, the Center for Applied Research SCS utilizes and processes data across all relevant business processes within the company and builds on the existing knowledge within its own organization. This scientific expertise combines with a data pool drawn from almost 25 years of research, as well as specialized infrastructure such as the ADA Center for Analytics, Data and Applications, to make the Center for Applied Research SCS the first port of call for all issues relating to the successful handling of data.


Collaboration with the Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services SCS

There are various ways to collaborate with us, and it’s often easier than you think: you can commission reports or consultancy services, attend our professional training courses, use our infrastructure for your tests, or work with us to explore your research questions in projects or joint labs. Contact us now to learn more about the Center for Applied Research SCS.

About the Center for Applied Research SCS

This section describes our structure at both the organizational and departmental level, how we pursue expertise geared toward the processes of the digital transformation, the specialized infrastructure we offer, and which experts we place at your disposal.

Organization and departments

Information about our structure – from the organizational chart to our individual departments.

Reference Process and expertise

In our specially developed Reference Process, we elevate classical business processes to a data-driven level: find out more about the stages of the digital transformation and the expertise it requires.

Competence centers and infrastructure

Use our competence centers as your own infrastructure – e.g., coworking spaces for agile project development, the JOSEPHS® innovation lab for your service tests, or the L.I.N.K. Hall for IoT prototype testing.