Department Analytics

Efficient, resilient and sustainable supply chains with AI and analytics

In our department, we conduct application-oriented research into state-of-the-art AI solutions for all key functions of the supply chain. Our goal is to sustainably transform the supply chain with the help of intelligent machine learning and optimisation algorithms - for greater efficiency, resilience and resource conservation!

We specialise in intelligent resource planning and forecasting, AI-enhanced manufacturing optimisation and quality improvement, smart and efficient logistics processes and analytics for greater sustainability in the supply chain. Our solutions not only improve operational efficiency, but also ensure resilience to disruptions and support the development of sustainable business processes. Our offerings, including AI methods for planning specialists in logistics, production and supply chain and customised end-to-end solutions, are geared towards both immediate operational tasks and strategic sustainability goals. Our approach combines practical knowledge with cutting-edge AI research so that we are constantly developing our service portfolio dynamically. Take advantage of the transformative potential of analytics and AI in your supply chain and experience how efficiently, responsively, resiliently and sustainably your supply chains and individual network nodes can be organised as a result.

Our service portfolio

Intelligent resource planning and forecasting

To transform the planning phases of SCM, we draw on insights from AI-based forecasting methods. With comprehensive analyses and state-of-the-art data modelling techniques, we support you in predicting your market demand, adapting supply chain strategies and optimising stock levels. This makes your planning processes agile and precisely aligned with market dynamics.

Decision intelligence in procurement

AI-supported methods are used to optimise the procurement phase of your supply chain. We improve the processes for supplier selection and supplier management, reduce procurement risks and optimise your purchasing strategies. With our analytics expertise, we make supplier performance and market trends visible so that your procurement decisions can be data-driven and strategically sound.

AI-Enhanced Manufacturing Optimisation

Improve your manufacturing processes with our AI solutions. Through data-driven analyses, we improve production efficiency and product quality and enable the implementation of predictive maintenance. Our approach systematically identifies bottlenecks, improves operations and anticipates failures to create a more resilient and efficient production environment.

Smart and efficient logistics processes

With logistics analyses for the delivery phase, we improve delivery routes, schedules and means of transport management to ensure efficient and future-oriented logistics processes. Through predictive analyses, we help you to anticipate delivery challenges, optimise your fleet performance and thus increase customer satisfaction.

Reverse supply chain analytics

We rationalise the returns phase with our analytics expertise. We focus on the areas of "returns management", "waste reduction" and "returns logistics". Our experts support you in understanding and improving the returns process to make it more sustainable and cost-effective.

Analytics for Sustainable Supply Chain Transformation

We use analytics to integrate sustainability into all phases of your supply chain. We improve resource efficiency and promote sustainable behaviour and environmental responsibility within the company. Furthermore, we support the fulfilment of global sustainability standards and the development of ecologically responsible supply chains.

Advanced AI methods for supply chain professionals

We support SCM professionals who are already integrating AI into their operations. With access to the latest advances in AI tools and methodologies, we can customise our services to meet the complex demands of modern supply chain challenges.

Expertise meets application: our AI expertise

Our experts are enthusiastic about applying their in-depth knowledge from research and their practical experience. Through close cooperation with universities and long-term partnerships with companies, new processes and methods can be translated into concrete AI solutions for end users. Our AI expertise is bundled in the following groups at our Nuremberg and Munich locations:

Data Efficient Automated Learning

Read more about our competencies for more efficiency of AI within the Machine Learning Lifecycle here.

Data Science

Read more about methods, processes, algorithms and systems for extracting insights and patterns from data to generate information and derive recommendations for action here.


Read more about our competences in the area of mathematical optimization and the targeted search for an optimal solution for a well-defined problem here.

Process Intelligence

Read more about our competencies in the area of data analytics for processes here shortly.

Vision and research fields of the department

For a comprehensive description from a visionary perspective of why we want to use analytics to generate manageable, qualitative data and information from seemingly unmanageable data volumes and materials, and how we go about it, see the description of the core competence »Data Analytics Methods«. If you want to learn more about the use cases and domains where we apply our methods and competencies, please follow the research field descriptions linked below.


Core competence

Data Analytics Methods

To extract the raw material »data«, we offer to develop new solutions for Data Analytics and AI as one of three interlocking core competencies. Read more here about why we want to use analytics to generate manageable, qualitative data and information from seemingly unmanageable data volumes and materials, and how we go about it.


Field of research

AI-based demand forecasts for logistics, trade and production

We bring AI-based demand forecasting to bear in logistics, retail, and manufacturing to improve predictions and quantify forecast uncertainties.


Field of research

Sustainability in the digitalized supply chain

Data can be used to design and control processes, organizations and systems in such an efficient, resource-saving and socially responsible way that many of the current challenges can be solved in line with the changed approach to sustainability.


Discovering new cause-effect relationships

Uncovering new cause-and-effect relationships and thus making the right decisions quickly in production and logistics processes in the future.


Digitalized and fully connected transport solutions

Growing traffic volumes and resource shortages require fully networked transportation solutions with intelligent linking of data available both internally and externally.


Supply Chain Analytics

Mathematics can revolutionize the supply chain - with models and algorithms that reduce complexity and interlinked forecasting and optimization methods.


ADA Lovelace Center for Analytics, Data and Applications

Competence centre for data analytics and AI in industry

The ADA Lovelace Centre combines AI research with AI applications in industry in a unique way. Here, the partners can network with each other, benefit from each other's expertise and work on joint projects.