A fully transparent logistics market can be achieved

Markets and locations in logistics

Forschungsfeld »Märkte und Standorte in der Logistik«, Umschlaglager mit bunten Transportcontainern
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Companies ought to know the market in which they operate very well. Especially when strategic decisions have to be made. Only then can they define new sales markets and target customers or take trends and future developments into account in their strategy.

Why is data research so urgently needed in the logistics market?

The basis for these decisions is sound data. However, using valid statistical data to describe logistics is possible only to a very limited extent, as this is a cross-sectional industry. In other words, logistical processes and services are part of almost every industry, with the result that official statistics underrepresent logistics or hardly describe it at all.


Our vision of a transparent logistics market


Digitization is now increasing the availability of data in the logistics environment, but it does not increase transparency. For more data to actually lead to better decisions, it must be qualified in a well-founded way. This in turn requires a grasp of how to select the correct and relevant data, recourse to a cross-sector database and corresponding process and domain knowledge.

That explains our ongoing research, to extract the data that is important for the logistics market, get to know companies, build up new databases and prepare them for specific target groups. So that the logistics market gradually becomes more transparent.

How we are making the logistics market transparent

Fraunhofer SCS has comprehensive, continuously updated knowledge collections and databases on the logistics market and applies cutting-edge analytics methods for automated knowledge exploitation. Our employees are currently conducting research in two areas to bring more transparency to the logistics market:

  • Logistics market analyses for companies:
    We evaluate information on logistics companies, logistics real estate, employment figures and development trends and compare them with our databases. This enables us to make well-founded, objective recommendations for action for companies in logistics market environments and to assess trends and developments. This in turn lets us find suitable target markets or hidden target groups and advise on investment decisions or the development of sustainable services and strategies.
  • Logistics location analyses for regions and municipalities:
    Regions and municipalities must also make data-based decisions and develop future strategies: Regionalizing and locating our data, for example in logistics location analyses, lets us evaluate individual regions with regard to their development status and targeted further development.

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