Success and added value thanks to data

Data are the most important raw material in the digital world

The world is changing: new technologies and methods are constantly boosting our ability to create and collect data. This leads to ever faster-growing data volumes and streams that can be used to fuel data-driven processes, organizations and business models. Accordingly, in an increasingly digital world, data is the most important raw material, and mastering its correct use is crucial to companies’ sustained success.


Extracting the raw material »data« – but how?


The high expectations generated in this fast-paced and seemingly all but unmanageable new environment of exponential growth are matched only by the challenges it poses. Companies must ask themselves: How can we best deal with the explosive proliferation of data formats and sensor systems, and integrate them into our IT systems? How can we guarantee the quality and integrity of data, and select the most appropriate analysis and optimization methods – especially when the level of automation and potency of the available processes have not yet even reached maturity? How should we react to the changes in our own business models and roles, or in the ecosystem in which our company operates, that go hand in hand with the introduction of smart products and services?

What is needed: new solutions for data spaces and IoT, application-oriented data analytics and AI, and data-driven business models and organizations

To enable sustainable and efficient extraction of the raw material »data« in this digital world, providing information that can actually be used, it is necessary to fundamentally rethink business processes. At the Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services at Fraunhofer IIS, we believe this requires:

  • data spaces and IoT solutions for complete networked systems in which data are prepared independently of the application or system that gave rise to them, making them portable;
  • analytics methods and procedures in the field of artificial intelligence that can transform seemingly unmanageable amounts of data and related material into manageable, high-quality data and information; and
  • business models and organizations that open the door to fresh perspectives by giving equal consideration to imminent trends, technological opportunities, and the human factor.

Accordingly, we design appropriate data spaces and IoT prototypes, develop and deploy cutting-edge data analytics methods, and support the organizational and strategic implementation of the digital transformation by recourse to novel combinations of economic methods, technological solutions and mathematical procedures and models in each project.

It follows that these three interdependent thematic areas also guide our research strategy. To find out more about how we release data from their application and system constraints, use AI to extract the unique assets hidden in data, and guide companies through the challenges of digital transformation, follow the links for a detailed description of our three focus topics.

Reference Process for Digital Transformation

From data to digital transformation in 4 steps: our SCS Reference Process charts a path and identifies the expertise required.

Click here to find out more about the Reference Process of the Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services at Fraunhofer IIS.

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