Markus Weissenbäck

Solving complex planning problems by means of mathematical optimization requires only a little brooding, pen and paper, and later a computer. With these simple means, it is possible to develop optimization solutions that can often save companies hundreds of thousands of euros. For this purpose, it is necessary to bring new solution approaches of classical optimization, machine learning as well as the novel quantum computing into the application as sensibly as possible.

With these methods, Markus Weissenbäck and his team not only provide opportunities for cost savings, but also make a significant contribution to sustainability. Optimized planning is a key to efficient resource utilization in industrial processes. In this field, Markus Weissenbäck's research focus is on the packaging industry, specifically optimization for closing the loop of plastic packaging.

since 2021
Research Field Leader for the Research Field »Quantum Computing in the Supply Chain«

since 2020
Group leader of the »Optimization« group in the »Analytics« department of the Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services at Fraunhofer IIS

2015 until 2020
Research assistant in the group »Data Science & Optimization« of the department »Analytics« of the Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services at Fraunhofer IIS

2011 until 2017
Studies of Business Mathematics at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU)


»Quantum computing revolutionizes mathematical optimization? – Opportunities and obstacles. A look through the hype« (2022)
Munich Tech Days, 28. June 2022, Munich.


Computational goal: Fair distribution optimization software helps allocate scarce COVID-19 protection equipment.
Interview contribution to the research project »FACE – Fair and fast Allocation of scarce protection equipment«. March 2020.  View the article (german)

Quantum computing in use for mathematical optimization.
Interview article in the online magazine.  View the article (german)

Research projects:

WasteOPT: Profit optimization through strategic network planning in material flow management

FACE: Fair and fast allocation of scarce protective equipment

BASIC: Resilience of cash supply

QuaST: Enabling quantum computing tools and services for industrial applications

BayQS: Bavarian Competence Center Quantum Security and Data Science


Member of the Society for Operations Research e.V.