Flexible information system for order pickers and operators

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There is a growing need for versatile order-picking and operator-support systems, especially at logistics companies and companies engaged in small-batch series production. Classical (wired) pick-by-light systems are expected to give way to compartment displays that can be deployed on mobile carts or shelving. Fraunhofer IIS and the Fraunhofer Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services SCS are therefore developing a versatile, energy-efficient information system based on sensor networks to support order picking or the withdrawal of materials during assembly processes. This wireless system provides order pickers with picking information via mobile, interconnected compartment displays that operate using s-net® technology and can be attached to freely moving material containers or (mobile) shelving. Besides offering very easy installation compared to conventional wired systems, this allows a large number of new compartment displays to be incorporated inexpensively and shelving units to be reorganized on a flexible basis. The versatile information system opens up new possibilities for the provision of information, as well as for the associated process design and resulting process flexibility.

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s-net® - wireless networking technology

The s-net® networking technology is a technology developed by Fraunhofer IIS for extremely energy-saving, wireless networking and localization of objects and people. In recent years, it has formed the basis for cyber-physical systems (CPS) and IoT applications in more and more projects. In cyber-physical systems, the context-aware objects can use the s-net® networking technology to capture and transmit their application and environmental situation, interactively influence it and selectively control their behavior depending on the situation.

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