Digital logistics real estate study – »L.Immo online«

For some years now, the Nuremberg-based Fraunhofer Center for Applied Research on Supply Chain Services SCS has been committed to the study of non-transparent economic sectors, in particular the field of logistics and any subsectors thereof. Regular Fraunhofer SCS publications are intended to serve as a handbook for the logistics industry and help lead to a better overall understanding of this market. The first four editions of the study entitled »Logistics Real Estate – Market and Locations« deliver an objective assessment of the logistics real estate market and the relevant locations.

As a research platform, »L.Immo online« aims to deliver more user value by publishing increased digital content. This platform’s new functions and contents include:

  • Dynamic maps with interactive features
  • Search / localization function
  • High-resolution print function
  • Mobile content
  • More frequent updates
  • English version
  • Target-group-specific content
  • Modular expandability

Methods used to date have also been improved on, and the data basis brought up to date. Content will likewise be regularly updated and improved on. For example, there are plans to add new layers to the map view, as well as publish specials on a variety of topics such as brownfield developments. The logistics real estate data is to be updated every six months, while other figures, such as those relating to infrastructure, for instance, will be updated on an annual basis.

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The research platform for logistics real estate

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