Hearing experience of adults - registration for study participation

Dear prospective participants,

Thank you for your interest in our study "Dealing with hearing difficulties in everyday life". In the following, we would like to inform you about the process of the study.

What is the aim of this study?

We are investigating how people's hearing changes over time and how people with hearing difficulties manage their everyday lives. In particular, we are interested in when which strategies for coping with hearing difficulties provide the best advantage for achieving a good hearing experience. The findings will be used in the future to help people manage hearing difficulties and to alert people to changes in their hearing at an early stage.

Who can participate in the study?

The study is aimed at people aged 40 and over with incipient or advanced hearing difficulties. The use of hearing aids is possible, but not required for participation in the study.

How does the study work?

As a participant in the study, you will be interviewed repeatedly over a period of six months. We use a special study app (MyHearingExperience) for the surveys. The interviews take place approximately every ten days and take between one and ten minutes. Very different topics are covered, such as your personal hearing ability, strategies for dealing with hearing difficulties, health and quality of life.

Your benefits:

  • "Fun Facts on Hearing": Via the app, you get to read qualified information about hearing at regular intervals.
  • "Online hearing screening": Furthermore, we have integrated access to an online hearing screening into the app twice during the examination period, which gives you additional feedback on your hearing ability. For an accurate result, you should then connect headphones to your phone for this.
  • "Voucher": In addition, Amazon vouchers will be raffled among all participants as a thank you for supporting our study.

Your participation in the entire study as well as in the individual surveys is voluntary and non-participation as well as termination of participation (revocation of consent) is possible at any time without giving reasons and without disadvantages. You will not face any risks or other burdens by participating in the study.


The study is conducted by Fraunhofer IIS and WSAudiology and funded by WSAudiology.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact:

Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS

Nordostpark 84, 90411 Nuremberg



By submitting the following form, you give your consent to participate in the study.


Due to the generation of anonymous app access data, the receipt of a registration email for the app may take between one and three days. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

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The consent is voluntary. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time vis-à-vis one of the above-mentioned responsible persons, with the consequence that the processing based on this consent will be completely stopped for the future.
To withdraw, simply send an email to hoeren@IIS.Fraunhofer.de or at privacy@wsa.com.

By sending your revocation (or other requests under the GDPR) to Fraunhofer, you can maintain the pseudonymisation of your personal data as far as possible.