The standard reference work for the logistics industry »TOP 100 in European Transport and Logistics Services«

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"TOP 100 in European Transport and Logistics Services" – completely revised edition 2021/2022.

The English version of the standard work on the European logistics market has been completely revised and addresses current trends, developments and market segments, presents rankings of the most important logistics service providers in ten market segments of the logistics industry and presents the ranking of the largest 100 logistics service providers in Europe. In addition, the study describes around 150 logistics service providers in Europe in detail in the form of company profiles and offers a brief analysis of each of the companies considered.


The focus of the current issue is on "Dynamics and volatile corona crisis developments".

In the midst of the Corona crisis, we can already make a statement on the course of the year 2020 affected by the crisis from the logistics perspective, although it is precisely there that the crisis has produced very individual courses: The lockdown measures and the associated restrictions for stationary trade have led to e-commerce growing dynamically once again. Freight rates have skyrocketed due to capacity bottlenecks, especially in air and sea freight. However, demand for logistics services has not slumped as much as initially assumed, because all in all there was a high demand for goods. European logistics "only" slumped by around 3.5 percent over the course of 2020. In view of the fact that the gross domestic products of the countries surveyed slumped by around 6 percent (at market prices), logistics came through the crisis much better. The forecast for further development in the course of 2021 indicates a recovery of around 3 percent. Stronger growth is expected for the years after 2021. 

TOP 100 in European Transport and Logistics Services 2021/2022

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Title: TOP 100 in European Transport and Logistics Services 2021/2022
Author: Martin Schwemmer, Peter Klaus
Publishing House: DVV Media Group
Year of Publication: 2021
Pages: ca. 380
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