IT-Outsourcing Behavior in the Logistics Sector

An International Systematic and Comparative Scenario Analysis

Publication Series on Logistics and Information Technologies, Vol. 3

The topic of IT-outsourcing has received attention from scholars during the last decade as it represents an important business trend in the era of digitalization. However, the particular phenomenon of IT-outsourcing in the logistics sector, which is also gaining momentum as a business practice, has been much less studied and is therefore hardly present in academic literature. This work thus provides an encompassing account on the topic of IT-outsourcing within the context of logistics service providers that are facing the challenge of digitalization by providing an account of the main drivers and implications of IT-outsourcing in the field of logistics. Based on a conceptual model, an empirical comparative study between the logistics sectors of Germany and Mexico is conducted and further enhanced through information gathered by means of in-depth interviews, giving further illumination of the factors influencing IT-outsourcing in both countries.


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Titel: IT-Outsourcing Behavior in the Logistics Sector within the Context of Digitalization. An International Systematic and Comparative Scenario Analysis

Autorin: Mariam Dopslaf

Verlag: Fraunhofer Verlag

Erscheinungsjahr: 2017

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